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Custom Team Uniform Designer

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To change the colors on the uniform, click on the section you want to change, when you do a color box will be displayed.  Click on the color box to display the color picker, then choose the color you want by clicking on it.  You can also upload your own images to add color.

To upload your own logos or graphics click the “Add Image” button.  It is best if you use png images, use transparency if the images are not square when uploading.

To switch between different types of uniforms click the “Pick Uniform” button and then click on the type of uniform you want to customize.

To add your own text, such as adding a numbers to football jersey shoulders, click on the “Add Text” button.  You will be prompted to enter some text.  After adding the text you can then click on it to change the font size, color and border color.  You can also change the orientation by clicking and dragging the circular arrow when the text object is selected.

There are a few ways you can save your design.

  1. Click the save button , this will store the data in your browser
  2. Click the cloud button , this will give you options (jpg, png, pdf) for downloading an image of your design to your computer.